Blockchain: The building block of trust

Deliver Trust to the World with Blockchain

Let’s take a look at blockchain by the numbers:

  • 4.1X: Customers’ likelihood to view blockchain as revolutionary versus insignificant, as reported in the State of the Connected Customer
  • $10B: Estimated annual savings for financial companies using blockchain for process improvements, according to Accenture
  • $3.1T: Blockchain’s business value by 2030, as estimated by Gartner

In the past year, Salesforce brought to life several blockchain use cases, tested applications, and proved its value, resulting in the introduction of the first low-code blockchain solution for CRM. Salesforce Blockchain enables any organization to create trusted partner networks, securely collaborate, and share data across third parties regardless of their business systems.

Explore use cases and learn how you can innovate with blockchain in our white paper, Blockchain: The Building Block of Trust

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