diverse group of salesforce employees

Salesforce Presents: “Faith Inclusion & Representation at Work"

Join members of Faithforce as they sit down for an impactful conversation on how we can all practice faith inclusion in the workplace and our broader communities. During this webinar, Faithforce members will share how the group has enhanced their experience at Salesforce and how they’ve gained a deeper understanding not only of their own faith, but also of others’.


Faithforce is the interfaith employee resource group at Salesforce. It is focused on celebrating, supporting, and fostering understanding of global faith and spiritual diversity through inclusive, educational events. Faithforce also champions faith diversity & inclusion, interfaith & intersectional collaboration, and allyship across the company. Its goal is to cultivate a culture of empathy, respect, and belonging at Salesforce for people from all faiths, backgrounds, traditions, and worldviews.