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September 18, 2020 BY FAHAD SIDDIQUI

Service Calls Made Easy and Personalized

It happens. The moment you saw it, you wanted it. You went back and forth in your mind, justifying it. “I deserve it,” you think. It really will make me happy, you say to that voice inside your head. What started as a want has now turned into a need. You need to have it. After weeks of scouring online reviews, you finally make the purchase. You get that wonderful email: “Your order has shipped.” Now, you wait. After what seems like an eternity (two whole days), it finally arrives. You rip open that box and feast your eyes on your new item. It’s perfect! Your life is now comple...err. Well, your life is better now. Off you go to enjoy that new item…

After a few weeks of use with no issues, you are in the clear. And...then...it...happens. Oh no! An issue. Your item has stopped working. You go through the emotions, sadness turns into frustration, you want to scream. Your first move, naturally, is contacting customer service. You try to be nice, but you really want to express your frustration with this issue. You want it resolved now. Now, now.

You have likely experienced this as a customer and know how frustrating this can be. Just like customers who want their issue resolved, all companies want to provide a level of service that is quick, concise, and personalized. With more customers moving to digital channels to resolve their issues, there is still a healthy percentage of customers who pick up the phone to get an immediate response.

Can you repeat that?

No one wants to repeat themselves multiple times, be transferred from agent to agent, or even have to give personal information such as order number or email address. Sometimes, that can be even more frustrating than the issue itself!

With more customers picking up the phone for customer service, companies are challenged with delivering a consistent, personalized experience while juggling a high volume of calls. This is especially true in the current climate, which has forced some companies to switch their physical call centers to remote due to a lack of infrastructure. Other companies have had to reduce phone support hours as a cost-saving measure. And on top of that, most companies don’t have any insights into their voice data. There is a disconnection on many levels.

To recap, when customers have an issue, they want answers fast, with a human connection, in a personalized way. Companies want to be able to resolve those issues quickly, create an amazing personalized experience, and turn that voice data into actionable insights – all with their agents working from a remote location, handling a large volume of calls. Got it.

Incoming call from...Service Cloud Voice

Enter Service Cloud Voice, a new add-on product to Service Cloud or Sales Cloud that adds Voice as a service channel for your agents, allowing them to answer calls from anywhere without leaving the service console. Through partnership with Amazon Connect, intelligent telephony is integrated right into the service console through Omni-Channel, a tool your agents are already accustomed to using for all other digital channels. Now, your agents can answer calls – along with chats, messages, and emails – all within the service console. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like Next Best Action and recommended knowledge articles can now be used with voice data in real time.

How else does Service Cloud Voice help your agents resolve issues quickly and provide insights to voice data during these challenging times?

Provide key insights with real-time call transcription

Service Cloud Voice launches automatic transcription, with the entire conversation being converted from voice to text on the screen while the agent and customer are talking. This allows agents to focus on the interpersonal interaction with the customer instead of scribbling notes or rushing through data entry.

Unlock AI-powered productivity tools for Voice

Embedded AI-powered recommendations provide agents with automated help and coaching on the next best action to take. For example, when a customer calls with an issue about their new product, the agent can easily access the details of that order and determine the best course of action needed – like finding knowledge base articles on how to resolve the issue or accessing the steps they may need to get a replacement item.

Because voice data is now transcribed, it unlocks AI-powered productivity tools, enabling agents to solve problems faster, improve first-call resolution, and service more customers in real time. This allows agents to be proactive while improving both individual performance and customer experience. Customers no longer are asked, “Can I place you on a brief hold?”

A complete picture of your customer

Having a single, complete view of a customer helps agents provide faster service. Service Cloud Voice brings in data through Amazon Connect, connecting a voice call to a customer record showing any past purchases and billing history, along with other customer-integrated information. Now when a customer calls, your agents have their personal information and purchase history at the ready. Talk about a personal experience!

Visibility into agent calls

Supervisors can now “view” an agent's conversation with a customer in real time. They can read through the transcript to get to the root of an issue, to identify opportunities for coaching, or to provide their agents with assistance based on keyword flagging. The transcription will also help supervisors gain insights into agent performance so they can give feedback based on customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, average handle time (AHT), and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

Get started on your Service Cloud Voice journey

Augmenting your service strategy with voice is quick to implement and easy to use – it’s a win-win! To learn more on integrating voice with your digital channels, check out these awesome resources for the next steps in your Service Cloud Voice journey:

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  3. Check out all the wonderful features with this Service Cloud Voice Demo

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