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June 26, 2020 BY MATTHEW MONTE

Plan Your Next Marketing Campaign on the Fly with Quip Templates

In our changing world, up-to-date communication is key. To help you stay in touch with your customers during COVID-19, your business may need to quickly create a series of marketing campaigns. It’s a big lift, something that requires speed and collaboration. It’s an all-hands-on-deck scenario with a lot of moving parts. And there are many approaches your company can take.

Generating a steady stream of relevant content is a great way for your business to stay connected with your customers. Perhaps you want to create empathetic and personalized messaging for individual customers with an email campaign. Maybe you’re concerned about your website messaging. Or, maybe you want to stay positive on social (despite your distance). You might even be thinking about virtual events to build and strengthen the communities you serve.

Whatever you envision, all of this requires a plan—maybe several plans—and it has to happen fast!

So. How do you get started?

Let’s start with Quip! Quip helps your workforce manage their projects using living documents that centralize teamwork. It doesn’t matter if people are in the same room or on the other side of the globe. They can work in tandem and focus on what matters. Quip documents can be used across different Salesforce Records, Chatter, Files, Home, and Search. You can also embed Quip documents in Records for a rich editing experience.

Plus, Quip offers a suite of templates to help your teams get the ball rolling. You’ll find everything from marketing to project planning, email and case swarm templates, business proposal templates and more—all fully customizable to meet your needs. Quip templates are ready-made solutions that enable teams to collaborate quickly and efficiently.

There’s even a Campaign Plan template you can use right now to help your team launch their COVID-19-related messaging. For example, for a marketing campaign, you can lay down timelines, capture action items, and prioritize your deliverables from every team, all in one place.

And guess what? Quip templates are compatible with Live Apps, so you can sync relevant Salesforce records with your template to focus on your contacts, your services, or your product offerings, and pivot to your COVID-19 narrative.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to use the Campaign Plan template:

Most importantly, you now have a way to tell your customers you’re here for them, that their health, safety, and trust is top of mind during this crisis.

Did the Campaign Plan template help your team?

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