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Quickly Give Your Team Targeted Updates with In-App Guidance

The only constant is change

SO, anything new going on with your team these days?!

If your company is experiencing anything like we are at Salesforce, you’ve got a lot going on. In an evolving workplace, it’s hard to keep track of new processes and guidelines we need to do our jobs. Also, what we do at work can affect our communities and customers, and we need to keep each other safe and healthy. If only you had a way to alert your team to guide them through change, and quickly update processes based on changing health requirements.

Enter in-app guidance

What is in-app guidance? In-app guidance prompts are available to all users in Lightning Experience. Admins create prompts that have links, text, and video, and then assign them to Salesforce pages and user profiles or permissions. The prompts pop up on desired pages at configured intervals to give the right users useful, on-page information.

Want to let a user know that something has changed on a specific page in Salesforce? Assign a prompt to pop up, and they’ll see it when they go about their day in Salesforce as normal. All this happens with clicks, not code, so any admin can get started right away.

There are so many ways to use these prompts. In fact, the main challenge you may have is not overwhelming your users with too many. You will want to focus on what updates will help your team serve your customers safely and quickly.

Spotlight on Service Cloud: How to help agents navigate support changes

Service teams are going through a ton of change right now. Brick-and-mortar businesses across the country may have stores opening at different times. Return policies may have shifted. Service requests may require new information. Agents may need new resources and instruction to guide them through changes to their jobs.

Here’s an example of how in-app guidance can help customer support agents using Service Cloud safely and quickly address their customers’ needs throughout COVID-19.

Ursa Major Solar is a multi-state supplier of solar electricity in the Southwest. With the realities of COVID-19, there are differing social-distancing rules in place across states. The service team needs to adhere to each state's policy when scheduling maintenance requests. This is a new step in Ursa Major's support process, and requires accessing accurate, evolving information on each state's policies.

To help agents access this new info, remind them of the process change, and keep customers safe during maintenance requests, the admin set up in-app guidance on the case list view. The prompt appears to agents and provides helpful information on the new process and a link to the latest social-distancing regulations in each state. This guidance helps agents at Ursa Major keep track of a new process, and ensures that Ursa Major fulfills maintenance requests in compliance with local health measures.

Simple steps to get started with in-app guidance

All sounds pretty great, right? Hopefully your imagination is spinning up ideas for how prompts can help your teams adjust to new processes and procedures throughout COVID-19. Now let’s turn to the nuts and bolts of how to get started in three easy steps:

  1. As always, Trailhead is a great place to learn the ins and outs of our products. It’s free and easy to use Trailhead to learn at your own pace. Take the User Engagement module to learn more about in-app guidance and walk through a step-by-step learning.

  2. Watch this demo of setting up in-app guidance in Lightning Experience.

  3. Give it a try! Work with your team to identify a useful prompt to try out. (Got any process updates to share with a particular team? Have a useful resource to share with employees in Salesforce to help them navigate COVID-19? Want to leave a “Welcome back to the office!” note on your users’ homepage?) With in-app guidance, you can always come back to add new prompts or edit existing ones.

    You can also take a look at pre-configured Service Cloud prompts on the App Exchange and install them to your org. These apps may be a good starting place to get to know how prompts work before you create your own.

Use in-app guidance for your team today and share your success!

Work with your team to identify the prompts they need to keep up with change and best help your customers, then create prompts to keep everyone in the loop. That includes us! Share your story with Salesforce experts and other Trailblazers like you in the Customer Success Community Group and use #SuccessTogether to stay connected.

Want to learn more?

Tune in to the Align Your Teams Using In-App Tools webinar to learn best practices and next steps to use in-app guidance to update your team. Register Now >

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